Christmas star

It is wonderful to look at the meaning of Christmas, whether one is a Christian or not. For me, one meaning resonates most. We see in this celebration the Divine, the Absolute, the Transcendent coming into the immanent world, into the world of flesh, blood, straw, animals.... We find a breaking down of lines between what is holy and sacred and what is profane and tainted. All sings the song of the angels, the song of the great joy of an amazing union that is the essence of each being in each moment. Animals, angels, humans; shepherds, wise men, and saints: "Everything is holy; everyone is holy!" We hear it in Allen Ginsberg and in the Dzogchen great perfection teachings....We see it in the eyes of children who still do not raise the possibility of other than such a magic
Merry Christmas to all and to all the joy of seeing many blessings!